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Yay Sayers and Ney Sayers

We at Cow Candy are very fortunate that the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin wanted to use their resources to create a video segment about our story. We are even more fortunate that some local and syndicated news outlets chose to air that Cow Candy story.

With this good fortune comes Yay sayers and Ney sayers. we have received an outpouring of love, support and excitement from consumers and people within our fine industry. We have also received a few WTF messages... as in why would you put fruit flavors in cheese?! Kids like cheese... is this a gimmick?

I am 16 years in the Specialty cheese industry and a loving participant in the vibrant cheese culture that we have in Wisconsin (and around the world). My goal is only to expand the cheese offering that we make here- too look to our children's needs and provide them with the whimsy and delight I feel while enjoying a cheese flight or board. To give them an enjoyable (and maybe sneakily healthier) option to other high sugar alternatives.

I have to remind myself as a mom and as the founder of Cow Candy that is okay if you aren't like by everyone. After all, we can't be ALL things to ALL people. What we can be is ourselves, we can stay true to my mission/ our mission at Cow Candy. We can continue to make nutrition playfully delicious in a way that becomes an easy substitute for over-sugared, over-processed, alternatives in the snack category. We can yell huuuurrrayyy when a child asks for a piece of cow candy as their bedtime snack (with protein and calcium) instead of fruit snacks or desserts.

Our mission is not to replace cheese snacks (Yes, we know most kids like cheese). Our mission is to become an every-day win for your average household. I know too often my children ask for crackers, pretzels, fruit snacks, cookies, yogurt (with 8-14g sugar on average).... I am happy to have them cheering for the bright colors and fun flavors of our snack cheese. It means that they are getting 4g of protein and 15% dv calcium per serving.... Things that their little bodies need to grow strong.

While we all don't have to fall in line with these goals, and not everyone will love Cow Candy the way my children do, I am happy to make a change in the way children snack. I am happy to start small and grow with our acceptance and trial. I am so happy to hear from families and mothers that believe in what we are doing and whose children are delighted to find Cow Candy in their lunches and at snack time (after all who doesn't want to make children smile). And if it's not for you, that's okay too.

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