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Happy Bee-Day!

Not only are bumblebees important for pollinating plants and crops, they make an adorable theme for a birthday party or baby shower. You can even use this idea to reward your child for bee-having well or having an unbee-lievable performance at school or in a sport.

Bee’s Cheese is a natural Monterey Jack Cheese snack infused with honey and other natural flavors. It is minimally sweetened and high in protein. This portable individually packaged snack is easy to incorporate into your party theme.

For our Bee-Day party we kept it simple and made this celebration the buzz at preschool. We found a free printable on Pinterest to spruce up our toddler friendly snacks.

Here is what you need for this spread:

  1. Bee’s Cheese

  2. Large pretzel sticks

  3. Lemon pudding

  4. Juice boxes

  5. Hot dogs

  6. Veggie Chips

  7. Mini cupcakes (store bought)

For decorations, we have a white table cloth with yellow triangle pattern that we bought from Joann Fabrics. We used to wood crates to make a party table at the perfect toddler height. We added two bumble bee piñatas. Huge balloons in corresponding colors and textured jam jars which we wrapped in printed paper. We pulled platters that coordinated and customized our pudding and juice boxes. These are all supplies we can use for future playdates and parties.

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