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From the Moo-om of Cow Candy

It has been a whirlwind of a week here at Nature's Dairy- Cow Candy. People are starting to take notice of Cow Candy.

Yes, we are a bit out-there, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

When I started working on our products it was because I had little ones that I wanted to 1) enjoy cheese in a fun way - after all I am from WI, 2) get more goodness in their diets (without a major fight) like protein and calcium, 3) create a WI cheese that engaged children the way our fine WI artisan cheeses engage adults, 4) use only natural ingredients and natural cheese. I wanted all of the children in my life to crave Cow Candy the way that way they craved cookies... but unwittingly be receiving the goodness their little bodies need to grow strong and stay focused (sneaky mom/ aunt).

At Nature's Dairy we welcome the good and the bad feedback, because everyone has a right to an opinion. Our cheese snacks were designed to delight little taste-buds and to teach children that nutrition can be deliciously playful. This is true for many of the children that adore our cheeses. Hopefully it is true for you!

With Sincere Joy,


Here is some of what the world has to say so far:

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