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Cow Candy

Naturally Delicious

& Playfully  Nutritious

WI Cheese

  • No artificial ingredients

  • Colors from only Natural sources

  • Portable .75 ounce snack sticks

  • 4-5 g Protein  (per serving)

  • 15% DV Calcium  (per serving)

  • Only 1-2 g sugar  (per serving)

Minimally Sweetened & Maximally FUN!

Now In your Dairy Case

Proud to be sold at

Select Stores


Developed by a Mom to be an every-day win for your average (super) Mom & little tummies.

Cow Candy was developed to bring children away from the over-processed over-sugared snacks in the center of the grocery store.  To excite children with the whimsy and fun of the candy aisle while maintaining all of the goodness of WI cheese and only natural ingredients.   Giving Moms the opportunity to delight their picky eaters with 4g of Protein and 15%DV Calcium.


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